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Have you ever tried finding a natural solution to pain, anxiety, or insomnia? It’s hard!  There are a ton of things that do one, or the other.  But getting them all in one, easy to use package is next to impossible  That was until scientists started to study the remarkable properties of cannibidiol.  What they found was an ingredient so safe, and so easy to use that everybody should be using it. †  But with this explosion in popularity comes the immediate surge in low-quality products flooding the market.  That’s where Hemptide CBD comes in.  Using a 100% Hemp-Derived Cannabidiol, it’s able to get results that other blends simply can’t. †

Hemptide CBD is the choice in premium cannibidiol oil.  It’s 100% THC free, doesn’t get you high, and works to relieve all kinds of issues.  † From anxiety, to mood, to sleep, to other issues, it’s proving to be as versatile as it is safe. †  And, because it doesn’t have THC, it’s the perfect solution for those who want the benefits of medicinal marijuana, and none of the high.  Interested in seeing what Hemptide CBD can do for you?  Click the button to get access.  There are limited spots available, so be ready to act if you get access.

How Does Hemptide CBD Work?

Before we get into how Hemptide works, let’s take a look at the ingredient they’re using, Cannibidiol.  Specifically, they’re using cannibidiols derived from the hemp plant.  The hemp plant is different from your typical marijuana plant because it doesn’t contain the munchie-inducing Tetrohydrocannabidiol, or THC.  That’s because it’s harvested from hemp plants, where that THC has been bred out.   So how is the CBD actually causing the benefits that the company is claiming?  We’re afraid that we can’t spell that out for you.  It’s not because we don’t want to, but more because the science behind it hasn’t caught up yet. †

Hemptide CBD – At A Glance

  • Product Name: Hemptide CBD XRP
  • Primary Ingredient: Hemp Derived Cannabidiol
  • Prescription Needed: No
  • How To Buy: Trial Program
  • Product Rating: 5/5

Where Can I Buy Hemptide CBD?

Hemptide CBD is only available online.  But, if you think about it this way, it’s not so different from a lot of online shopping you do.  Plus, you can’t exactly go to your grocery store and find a premium CBD oil.  So the online status is going to stay put for the foreseeable future.  But here’s the good news.  Despite it being online only, you can get a bottle to try at home via the new Hemptide Trial Program.  Interested in learning more?  Keep reading to the next section.  We’ll go over some of the details.  Or if you’re tired of reading our writing, you can click the banner to head straight to the source.

Hemptide CBD Trial Program

With the abundance of CBD products on the market today, it can be hard to decide which ones you want to try, and which ones you want to avoid.  But even trying them can be a pain in the butt, as many don’t offer ways to do that. With Hemptide CBD, not only do you get a way to try it at home, but it’s cheaper than buying a sample, or even a full-sized bottle elsewhere.  Here’s the deal, you pay shipping and Hemptide sends you a bottle.  After that, you’ll get a set amount of days to try out the cbd oil.  If you decide you want to keep it, you’ll pay for that bottle and opt in on the auto-ship program.  That means a monthly supply shipped monthly to your home.  It’s a heck of a deal for people who want a long-term solution to ongoing issues.  Ready to see if Hemptide Cannibidiol is right for you?  Click the banner below to get access. 

Hemptide CBD-XRP

Frequently Asked Questions

Whenever a CBD oil is getting talked about, there are a set of inevitable questions that come up.  Will it get me high, will I fail a drug test, is it legal, how is it made, how is it different from marijuana…the list goes on.  We’re here in an attempt to at least give some clarification on these questions.  But keep in mind, we’re not doctors, just enthusiasts. 

Will Hemptide CBD Get Me High?

Short answer, no.  At least not in the sense that Marijuana gets you high.  Some people experience a noticeable calming feeling after taking their drops sublingually.  But because it has very, very low, even negligible amounts of THC, it’s not going to get you high. †

Will CBD Make Me Fail A Urine Screening?

Again, the short answer is no.  The cannabidiol that drug tests screen for isn’t present in hemp-derived cbd oil.  There have been some reports of false positives, but they’re rare.  If you’re worried about showing up green on your next test, don’t sweat it too much.  But if you’re worried, talk with your doctor, or visit the site of the company administering your test for clarification. †

Is CBD Safe?

It’s as safe as taking a spoonful of olive oil.  Really, it’s considered to be one of the safest supplements out there.  But with every ingredient or supplement, there’s somebody allergic to the main ingredient. So if you haven’t tried CBD oil before, it might be wise to talk with your doctor before you start using the supplement. †

How is Hemptide CBD Made?

Hemptide CBD is made from the oil of the hemp plant.  While we’re not sure on the specifics of this formula’s production, we do know a few things about how companies usually do it.  The three main extraction methods right now are; †

CO2 Extraction – using high pressure C02 at extremely low temperatures, CBD is extracted from the hemp plant.  This is thought to be the safest, and most effective method. 

Ethanol Extraction – Using high-grain alcohol, the properties of CBD are infused into the mixture.  This is thought to be the least effective method as it destroys some of the properties of the CBD oil. 

Oil Extraction – Using a carrier oil, CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant.  This method is starting to really catch on, as it is low cost, low tech, and effective. 

Have Other Questions You Want To Ask?

Ask away at our contact page!  We have a ton of resources available for you, and an overactive brain ready to deliver them. 

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